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Aberdeen Speed Dating: When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Try Speed Dating?

Aberdeen speed dating is something that you can try alone or with friends. There are no hard and fast rules about how many people you can bring with you, and for some people there is definitely safety in numbers. When it comes to numbers, are there good times of the year to sign up?

Speed dating Scotland wide happens throughout the year, and there are always events going on near to you. But certain times of the year are busier than others, and this can help you decide where you should sign up for a specific event. Take January, for example. For some people, getting out and meeting new people – even finding love – is one of their new year’s resolution. This means that speed dating events in January can be extremely busy. A well-organised event always tries to have as close to equal numbers of men and women, meaning you could miss out if you don’t book quickly. A busy event can also mean that you don’t get to see everyone in the room as there isn’t enough time. If you don’t mind a busy room and you are happy to take the chance on missing a few people out, then busy January events are perfect for you. Quiet times include the months leading up to Christmas, or other big events that focus people on family and finishing work. A quieter event means you increase your chances of talking to everyone, but there are less people to mingle with.

Whichever type of room, or time of year, suits you, thanks to Ditch or Date Ltd you can find an Aberdeen speed dating event to enjoy. Go to https://www.ditchordate.com to find out when we are holding our next event, and sign up for details. To speak to us, please call 0191 486 2328 or email helen@ditchordate.com.