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Belfast Speed Dating: Don’t Overshare

Belfast speed dating allows you to meet new people who you may never have had the chance to meet anywhere else. It’s always great to meet new people, and to find out more about them. But when it comes to the speed date itself, it’s best not to overshare, leave some mystery for later.

Just as it is not a good idea to give simple one word answers to questions when you are speed dating, the same is true for the opposite – so try not to overshare! It can be tempting to just say everything and anything that come into your mind, especially if the idea of UK speed dating has made you nervous. But too much information right at the start is as bad as not enough. It can be extremely off putting for your date to be regaled with reams of information that may not even be appropriate or relevant. However, it is important to distinguish between holding information back, and lying or not being yourself. For example, if you have children, you should mention this, but unless specifically asked tales of snotty noses and dirty nappies should be left out. Filter out the information that is not relevant, or necessarily of interest to someone you have just met. If the speed date goes well and you meet up again, then on subsequent dates, as you get to know one another better, the additional information can come out. Just remember to stop and think before answering a question, or before asking one that requires too much information that might make either or both of you uncomfortable.

Belfast speed dating is the best way to find a new romantic partner in a safe setting. Our team at Ditch or Date Ltd (https://www.ditchordate.com) support you through the signing up process and are always on hand to answer any questions. For more information, get in touch on 0191 486 2328, or email helen@ditchordate.com.