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Birmingham Speed Dating: Reading Body Language

Birmingham speed dating events take place at a variety of locations and venues that are well suited to the occasion. Such events provide you with the opportunity to meet lots of new people, but how do you tell whether your date is interested, or is a potential match? A lot can be inferred from a person’s body language, if you know what to look for.

When speed dating, the main aim, other than enjoying yourself, is to create at least one match. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed and there is always next time, but are you possibly missing out on subtle signs that you are being chosen by people you had overlooked as possible matches? There are some simple signs to look out that may indicate that the person opposite you may consider you a match. How much eye contact is your date making during UK speed dating? If they hold your gaze while you are talking then it’s a sign they are interested in knowing more. Another sign, particularly for women, is unconsciously playing with their hair while listening. The position of the arms can be quite telling, if the arms are crossed over in front of the chest, then the person is closed off and most likely not interested, however, this is also something people do when they are nervous. However, leaning forward towards you is a positive sign, especially when wanting to find out more about something you have said. On their own any of these signs could mean nothing, but combined with verbal signs they help to create a better picture of what is happening between you and your date.

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