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How to keep your dream partner

17th Apr 13

Once you’ve been on a first date with your dream partner and you feel they could be the one, there are many things to do to hang on to him or her. Always make sure they are happy, if you think something is troubling them ask, don’t ignore it. It’s also recommended to give and take equally, this can be achieved if you’re both singing from the same hymn sheet but if not do discuss the problem if there is one. If your dream partner is an exceptionally beautiful woman or a very handsome man, others are bound to be a little envious. Try not to be jealous if your date gets admiring glances and starts to flirt. He or she has chosen you, so feel confident that you will remain by their side.

Another way to keep your new partner is to always listen to them no matter what they say, try and share their interests, their hobbies and their dreams. Stay attractive to them by always looking good, wearing nice clothes and putting them first. Life and love is all about caring, however it should be a mutual thing. This is where being honest with each other comes into its own. If you’re not happy about a particular aspect of your relationship talk about it, don’t hide it away to fester, it will only make things worse. Keep your dream person by showing kindness, thoughtfulness and tolerance, you simply can’t go wrong!

How to keep your dream partner


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