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What is Cardiff's Little Secret

23rd Apr 13

Autumn last year was the time that we decided that as our events throughout the country were continuing to be successful and sell out it was time to move into another city – Cardiff was our next move?

It was quite difficult to find a perfect venue that met ours and the high standards of our single clients along with being one of the most stylish and popular city centre venues with its own private lounge – key criteria that is of the utmost importance to us but isn’t always easy to fine believe it or not.

We then had the amazing luck to find our perfect venue: The Attic Lounge with Soda bar.

The Attic bar oozes sophistication whilst keeping a trendy and relaxed feel to it – ideal for our speed dating events so that people feel relaxed but within stylish surroundings. Membership for Attic is attained on an application only basis. ... champagne, complimentary access to Soda Bar and Soda Lounge and access for guests. We liked this as it meant that everyone attending events here were given access into what is normally a private members bar which isn’t open to just anyone – thus creating that extra buzz and VIP feeling.

We love this gem of a venue – they are not only really supportive of our events but ensure that anyone coming to their bar leave feeling valued. Not only have Soda bar given us a great venue but they also provided us with our amazing host Steph who we couldn’t do without – she is not only stylish and very chilled but is well organised and friendly – hence ensuring that every one of our events goes off with a bang – obvious as to why they sell out each month!

What is Cardiff's Little Secret


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