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10 Weird dating facts

25th Jun 13

There are many weird and strange facts that are linked to dating, some of which are:-

  • 1. It’s recommended to kiss a man or women on the right side of their face for greater pleasure.
  • 2. Many single people check out a first date via the net.
  • 3. It has been surveyed that fresh breath is one of the main things that matter when on a first date. Clothes were next, a sweet smelling partner came after that followed by good skin and nice hair.
  • 4. Men can decide in a short space of time whether a second date is going to be arranged while women can take up to one hour to see if there’s chemistry between the couple.
  • 5. It’s better to be happy on a date so no negativity, make sure you ooze happiness, be cheerful and considerate to get that second date.
  • 6. Women like to be seen with well groomed men so boys no dirty nails, uncombed hair, missing teeth, unpleasant body odour or hairy nostrils.
  • 7. Surveys have shown that it’s crucial to choose an exciting place for a first date.
  • 8. That all important first kiss could be a turn on or a turn off so don’t overdo things that could spoil a truly romantic evening.
  • 9. During the 19th century Austrian ladies would tuck apple slices under their armpits while dancing. This was to absorb any sweat and if her partner was brave enough would eat the proffered gift.
  • 10. Many couples send e-mails instead of telling their respective partner face to face the friendship is over.

If you know of any interesting facts that we have missed, please leave us a comment.

10 Weird dating facts


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