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Does He fancy me?

4th Jun 13

It’s sometimes difficult to tell if a date genuinely fancies you or is just being polite. The ultimate answer is if a second date is arranged at the end of your evening out for you to meet up again. During your date however you can often pick up signs of whether the person you’re sitting with feels the same towards you as you do to them. Body language is one area that gives away positive feelings. If you or your date is tactile there will be plenty of opportunities to touch their arm or wrist either to emphasise a point in conversation or just to give off an aura of friendliness.

Eye to eye contact is also another sign that you are truly appealing to your partner, listening to every word he or she is saying and showing interest by asking questions or offering your opinion on the subject of your conversation. If your date avoids eye contact he or she is either shy or feels the topic you’re talking about is boring, so close that conversation and ask a question that your partner can answer easily.

It really is important to keep all conversations light and interesting especially on a first date, try to find out about each other although don’t be too probing. Smiling is always recommended as it gives off a positive reaction making your date feel more relaxed, appreciating that what he or she is saying is holding your interest.

Does He fancy me?


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