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Make Me Laugh

11th Jun 13

If you are a fun loving person you will obviously wish to go out on a date with someone who can make you laugh. This can also be said for couples who like to discuss more serious subjects such as politics, the economy or worldwide problems. Laughing makes men and women feel very much at ease with one another whether it’s a first, second or third date, especially one which could lead to a more permanent relationship.

Your perfect person will appeal to you whether he or she is humorous or not. You can always make someone laugh by telling a joke or talking about a funny experience you’ve had. It is quite important to have a good sense of humour in a relationship, you will feel light hearted, comfortable and able to let your hair down if you know you are entertaining to your partner. It does help if you and your date’s sense of humour is more or less the same as often if one person is amused by something and the other is not, this could jeopardise the relationship before it begins.

Most men and women are attracted to people who can make them laugh. There’s nothing quite like having an evening with a date where you’ve almost split your sides with laughter. You’ll feel you have something very special to share and won’t be able to wait until your next meeting. Laughter, joy and happiness make for a perfect relationship.


Make Me Laugh


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