Ditch Or Date

He Didn't Call.

13th Aug 13

After a successful first date which you think went extremely well, girls are often left hanging in the air wondering if there is going to be a second date. If you’ve just ended a relationship and have started out on the dating circuit again there’s nothing worse than waiting for that special phone call to arrange a further meeting. There are many reasons why men promise to ring and don’t, so you have to be patient. Maybe their job has taken them out of the country and they just haven’t had the time to let you know, maybe they have forgotten or lost your number. The question is do you then ring them or play the waiting game?


It all depends on which type of woman you are, whether you really liked this guy a lot and want to see him again or you’re the play hard to get kind. There’s nothing wrong in getting in touch if you’ve been promised a call that didn’t come although it’s advisable not to put any guy off by sounding over enthusiastic. You have to keep calm especially if he says he doesn’t want to see you again. On the other hand if your date seemed as though he really did want to meet up for a second time playing hard to get is a great option. He’ll do everything in his power to see you again, but don’t overdo the waiting game or you could put him off completely.


He Didn't Call.


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