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Under Cover Speed Dating Boss!

22nd Aug 13

We get emails and calls from people who have attended our events to say what a great time they've had , we also get feedback fromour hosts but I thought the only real way to actually find out how are events are run was to get into my car and drive down the A1 myself and take part !!

So off I went last night , all dressed to impress , good tunes playing in the car to quicken the journey and my Satnav just in case !! Living Room Leeds here I come.

I arrived on time - just - the venue was still as stylish as ever with a lovely entrance leading into the beautiful bar with stunning baby grand piano at the foot of the staircase - impressive but also made me feel very relaxed. I knew where the event was going to be held and therofore knew to go upstairs to the top floor but was a bit concerned that due to no event sign or anyone to meet and greet  people may not know where to go - hence adding to their nerves. Mmm that was something to note.

On getting to the 3rd floor I could see an array of people mingling and chatting - 2 people came out and made their way to the toilet wearing thei name badge - yes I was in the right place. At this point my nerves did kick in - was this a good idea ??????

Jonny our host was there all set up and chatting to 2 girls who'd arrived. Couldn't believe how relaxed the whole room felt and how stylish it was - I'd forgotten about that. It made me feel really good that not only we use the most stylish venue in the city centre but most run the most relaxing of nights - a very good feeling.

Even though I wasn't totally aware that i had to go over to get booked in I could tell that the people there were relaxed and ready for their speed dating event - there were smiles and laughing all round - definately a good sign.

Decided not to actually take part in the speed dating as this wouldn't have been fair as I am very happily married ( wouldn't want to build anyone's hopes up ha) but my experience of being a fly on the wall beforehand or an 'under cover boss' was so valuable both for me and our host Jonny.

The Living Room usually do have one of their friendly staff to meet and greet on first arrival which has made me feel happy so no awkwardness when walking into the bar and Jonny will now stand to meet and greet all of our lovely speed daters so everyone can see his friendly face on first arriving in the room.

All good - I had a great time and met some very handsom / pretty peole who were very very chatty - I felt so much at ease - definately worh going if you are single.

Under Cover Speed Dating Boss!


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