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September Sell Out.

6th Sep 13

Ditch or Date speed dating events are usually crowded in September with people looking for someone they can spend time with. September is a very popular month for daters to start searching for Mr or Miss Right. The holidays are over, you have more time on your hands and the nights are starting to get dark. It’s probably the right time to start looking for someone special to cuddle up to. With Christmas fast approaching it’s not much fun spending the day on your own so dating events can help anyone find a partner who will make the festivities more enjoyable.


Once your holiday is over, you’ve got back into the swing of work but you haven’t met the person of your dreams while on vacation, don’t worry all is not lost. Hot, summer nights are getting shorter so you need to have a good think about what to do next when looking for a date. Check out Ditch or Date events which almost double between August and September with most September events selling out within two weeks. Don’t be left on the shelf during the colder months, find someone to fall in love with by reserving a place on a speed dating evening.


Speed dating is always a fun way to meet new people of the opposite sex. How about browsing online to find out more about Ditch or Date events held in your area? Make sure you organise a time and date well in advance for a Ditch or Date event. In the latter part of the year everyone seems to have the same idea regarding meeting someone special.

September Sell Out.


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