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Cardiff Speed Dating: Don’t Just Say Yes Or No!

Cardiff speed dating can open u a whole new world of interesting people and potentially a new love interest. But, this is only possible if you take part in the event fully and ensure that you answer questions during the date times. It’s also important to say more than just yes or no.

When approaching any new activity there is always a lot to remember, and speed dating is no different. Trying to remember all the tips you are given may be tricky, but the main thing to remember is to be yourself, and to let others see the best version of you. You only have four minutes per date to active this, and this brings us on to the next most important thing to remember, answer questions fully. When attending UK speed dating events, you need to tell your potential matches as much about you as possible, and that is difficult if you only give yes or no answers to all their questions. Hopefully, your date will have had access to some good advice and will ask open questions that invite fuller answers. But, if not you need to take the initiative and add to the basic answer that is required to the question. One word answers tend to have the effect of shutting down the conversation entirely, and that can lead to problems including a lack of interest in finding out more, and long, awkward silences. Sometimes nerves can mean we worry that we are rambling on too much, but not giving enough information really is as bad, if not worse for the conversation.

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