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Bristol - Harvey's Cellars

Tucked away behind the Bristol Hippodrome and minutes from Colston Hall, Harveys Cellars is an upmarket wine, sherry and cocktail lounge that definately won't fail to impress you.

Housed in a building with a fascinating history, Harveys magnificent cellars are guaranteed to impress. An intriguing venue with a past that spans centuries, Harveys Cellars is the former home and birthplace of the world-famous Harveys Bristol Cream and offers a reminder of Bristol’s sherry and wine heritage.

A small museum area displays many of Harveys’ original artefacts and sits at the back of the venue next to the VIP bar, where aged sherry barrels have been converted into tables. There is also the original baby grand piano, which has been lovingly restored and is often played at the weekends in the music room.

The venue itself is made up of four main spaces. The central bar area and restaurant, the music room, gallery and the Harveys private VIP bar which is where our events are held.

An amazing venue and experience which makes our speed dating events here even more amazing.

Website: http://www.harveyscellars.co.uk/

Phone number: 07796695015


12 Denmark Street


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