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Derby Speed Dating: Dating In The Past Was Weird

Derby speed dating is a modern idea for modern people. But, dating hasn’t always been this straight forward. Previous generations had some rather different ideas of how and why dating, or courting should happen. Let’s look at the past to put modern dating in perspective.

In the past, dating was a very strange thing compared to modern approaches including speed dating. Even up until recent history, dating was undertaken with the specific aim of finding one person to settle down with and raise a family. While that is still one possible aim of dating today, fun and excitement are also important outcomes. One of the things that has changed the most over time is dating etiquette. For example, in 1850, it was not considered good manners to make or tell jokes to someone you wanted a relationship with. Modern speed daters use jokes and comedy in general as a tool for getting to know their date. Nothing tells you more about someone speed dating England wide than their sense of humour. Another etiquette manual from around the same time suggests that women shouldn’t eat cheese when at a dinner party. You will have to decide for yourself why! In 1912, it was thought to be inelegant to wear earrings, and ankles were still quite controversial. Fast forward to 1961, where it was considered a wonderful idea to say something shocking when in the company of someone you wanted to get to know better. How shocking, there is little information to say, but it is probably advice that you should ignore for your next speed dating event.

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