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Edinburgh Speed Dating: Is Speed Dating Safe?

Edinburgh speed dating is a great way for singles to meet likeminded people. Whether the end result is romance, friendship, or even a new person to do hobbies with, it opens up your world for the better. But is speed dating really safe, or is it something to be worried about doing?

When it comes to finding someone to go out with, there are definite pitfalls. This is especially true when using online dating websites and apps. Online dating can be unsafe as you never really know who you are meeting, let alone what their actual intentions are. Most of the time the people who are using these sites and apps are just like you, looking for love and friendship. But sometimes they can be dangerous, or can simply be lying about who they are, even down to the image they send out to the world. With speed dating that possibility for fraudulent identities is greatly reduced. Speed dating Scotland wide happens face to face in ‘the real world’ rather than online, so you are physically meeting the person rather than just their icon on a screen. This makes it safer as you know exactly who you are talking to, and it is much harder for someone to pretend to be someone else. Additionally, you are in a room full of people, and if you attend with friends you increase the safety of your journey to and from the venue. Once there you can relax, safe in the knowledge, that your contact details are only given out if there is a match and with your express permission.

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