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Liverpool Speed Dating: Handling A Date That Does Not Go So Well

Liverpool speed dating can match you with one, or perhaps even more people during the evening. However, not every date is going to go perfectly well, and while some will just not end in matches, others may be a little more awkward. So, what do you do if you have a ‘bad’ date?

During speed dating England based events you could meet and talk to in the region of 20 people. You cannot expect to get on well with all of them. There are going to be people at the event who are diametrically opposed to you in every possible way. The key is to accept that this can happen and not to get flustered about it. If you do find yourself on a speed dating date where you have nothing in common remember to be polite and find something else to talk about. For example, if you have very different expectations of the evening, or find the questions you are asked too personal, then there is nothing wrong with saying so, but do it politely and then discuss the weather, or the venue. Try to avoid complete silence if you can as this will just add to your nerves before your next date. And just importantly don’t let the experience on one date follow you to the next. If you do it could ruin your whole evening and you may miss out on the signs with a date that is perfect for you.

Liverpool speed dating is for everyone, but you cannot expect to be compatible with everyone at every event. But, with our Ditch or Date Ltd events there is a good chance you will meet at least one compatible person. See our website at https://www.ditchordate.com where you can sign up for our next fantastic event. Questions? Just contact us on either 0191 486 2328 or helen@ditchordate.com.