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New BBC Documentary Seeks Single Women Over 45

We at Ditch or Date are excited to see the world of Speed Dating opening up to the great British public! Following Miranda on Sex and The City, it seems that Speed Dating is never off the TV, that along with Hollywood celebrating the flesh laid bare by the mature WI Calerdar Girls in the movie which has just hit our screens, Ditch or Date have been approached by a company making a documentary for BBC2 to help with their latest project, which aims to promote the new breed of sexy older women.

As one of the few Speed Dating companies who cater for everyone, including a more mature age group, we have been asked to nominate any single women who are over the age of 45, who are liberated and have stories to tell, to appear in this programme.

This documentary will go out on BBC2 prime time television and will be an inspirational insight into women of a certain age in regard to their views on love, life, sex and self esteem. Women featured will share their stories and tips on what to look out for and what to avoid at a time when the older woman has become a real sexual icon.

Filming starts very soon and we would love to make one of our clients a star!

If you, or someone you know, fits the bill, please get in touch very soon with either ourselves, Lynn or Karen, at admin@ditchordate.com


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