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Speed Dating: Scene and Heard

Literally speaking, there are 365 dates in a year. Figuratively however, that's not exactly how many dates one will go on throughout the duration of the year. Not even close.

With society's addiction to convenience comes another form of grab and go: speed dating. But before you say, “Not so fast,” look at these reasons this method of meeting someone worked for many couples.

Perks to Speed Dating:

No suprises! up close and personal!

You get what you see. With Internet dating, you could be looking at someone's senior yearbook picture- but the youthful woman is really a 58-year-old cat lady. Or, it could be a computer-manipulated image to make someone look younger, older, thinner, and hotter… You get the idea. With speed dating, you are face to face with a real person. What you see is what you get. Personality and image get to shine at the same time, rather than falling for someone through e-mail or phone calls, and then getting nothing but disappointed when finally meeting in person. With speed dating, personalities could still clash, but that physical element is there from the start. More often than not, that physical spark needs to be there, so why not start with one? A cute demeanor, silly facial expressions and style are all things that a phone call, Website profile or photo cannot do justice!


Again, you get what you see. You never know what is on the other end of the phone or computer when you are chatting. Hello?! Look at all these news stories of people being lured across the country by some psycho on the other end of the keyboard! And, this is not some seedy, dark bar that you were supposed to meet a blind date in either. Speed dating events are done in supervised, public locations in your own local area. These are people from your neighborhood in your neighborhood.


When you see a cute guy or gal out at a bar and strike up a conversation, chances are they may not be telling you the truth about their status. Maybe they are married, engaged or dating. You may innocently hit on them, not knowing. They may like the attention and play along, which could lead to regrets. And, you not ever knowing, or finding out too late, of their commitment. Also- how many times to you try to talk to someone who just did not want to be bothered? Speed dating presents a way to meet people just like you: single and looking.


Have you ever looked into one of those dating services? Oh my! It's upwards of £600 for a membership. For what? Letting someone else do the matchmaking for you? Internet sites cost monthly memberships as well, but think how outdated those profiles can be… someone meets someone and forgets to take down their profile. You never get a response because, of course, they are not looking anymore. That is a waste of time and money! Speed dating parties are usually around £20-£30 for one night of fun, where once registered, you can do the fun part yourself- getting to know someone personally, and maybe even start a meaningful relationship!

Speed dating- a proven safe, affordable and fun way to meet someone like you. Give it a try!

Written by Donna Talarico


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