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Speed Dating – Is It For You?

Speed dating is still a relatively new concept within the UK, but as life becomes busier it’s something more and more people are considering. You’ve probably heard of speed dating may have a host of questions: how do you get started? Where do you go? What type of people do you meet? What happens after the ‘dates’? If you’re among the many singletons who have had a bad dating experience, you’re probably wary of trying new things. But, this type of dating could be the answer you have been looking for.

Benefits Of Speed Dating in England

The remarkable thing about dating in England is that there are plenty of people willing to try something new. If speed dating in England is something that’s new to you, you can be assured that you won’t be the only one in the room in that position. So, how does speed dating UK based work and why is it becoming so popular? It’s the ideal answer to dating if you haven’t got much time. If you are busy carving out your career in a competitive business world then you probably don’t have much time dating. And, even if you manage to make time to go on dates, there certainly isn’t enough time to wait around for Mr or Mrs Right. Speed dating gives you the opportunity to spend a few minutes with numerous different people and make decisions regarding whether you want to know more about them, based on the short, but intensive, time you have spent together. The environment is usually relaxed and comfortable, with bars and refreshments available at the venue. Dating in this type of environment is safer than online dating, and provides face to face time with more people than you would usually meet over possibly the course of several months. Even if you don’t find love, you could meet a life-long friend.

How Does Singles Dating UK Work?

The most obvious question most people ask is, is a few minutes really long enough to know if you like someone? It doesn’t matter whether you’re speed dating Scotland, England or Wales, it’s basically the same dating rules. Think about all your past dates. How long did it take for you to figure out if you were attracted to your date, or for them to form an opinion about you? How quickly did you realise you had things in common, or were complete opposites? We’ll often know if there’s that ‘spark’ in the first few minutes, so a four-minute date is more than enough. When you attend these dating events UK based events there are potentially up to 20 potential matches for you to choose from and with thousands of events every year that is a lot of people to get to know. Of course, you are likely to bump into people more than once at different singles dating UK wide events. So, that initial four-minute conversation could turn into several conversations and time at the bar, all leading to an unbreakable friendship, even if nothing else ever develops.

Singles Nights UK Wide That Don’t Throw You In The Deep End

So, you have had a great evening at your first of many speed dating events UK wide and have spoken to lots of new people. What’s next? Before you leave the venue, you need to ensure that you have filled in your score card and put your name on it. There is nothing worse that thinking you may have met the person of your dreams only for the organisers not to be able to tell you, because they don’t know which is your card. Now all you need to do is hand in your card and head home. Most organisers aim to collate all the details and inform people of their matches within 24hours. The important thing about doing things this way is there is no pressure on you. Once the speed dating matches are sorted you receive the contact details of anyone that you were equally matched with. You never get to know anything about the non-matches, why would you need to? Now the big question is, do you make first contact, or do you wait for them? Remember they may be trying to make the same decision and if you both decide to wait, you are not going to get anywhere fast. You did the difficult part by attending your first singles nights UK based, so now is time to continue that proactive approach.

Tips For Speed Dating England Events

It can be daunting attending UK speed dating events when it’s something you’ve never done before. The first thing to remember is, everyone feels the same. Even if they’ve done speed dating before, there will be some nerves about meeting new people. When you’re speed dating England wide you do need to be as relaxed as possible and remember that it gets easier as the evening progresses and you get used to the structure of the dating event. Even if you’re someone that doesn’t converse easily, conversation becomes easier the more people you meet. Each date only lasts a couple of minutes, so try to make the most of the time you have, while knowing that it won’t last long if there really is no connection between you. You may want to prepare some light-hearted questions to get the conversation going. Questions that allow you to easily find out if you have anything in common are the best. The whole point of speed dating with companies such as Ditch or Date Ltd is to meet people you could potentially enjoy spending a lot of time with, so keep this in mind when you head to the bar.

Quality Speed Dating With Ditch Or Date Ltd

At Ditch or Date Ltd, we provide speed dating events all over the UK. We give people the chance to meet others at fun and hosted events. We guarantee a match for you, if this doesn’t happen at all, then your next event with us is free of charge. Many of our hosts have over 6 years of experience in organising and hosting speed dating events so you’ll be in great and professional company. Why not look at our website to find out how it all works – https://www.ditchordate.com. You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain, so give us a go and we’ll do our best to help you find your perfect match.