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Ditch Or Date

London - London Bridge Station

  • Date:

    Sat 29th Jul '17

  • Time:

    7:30 PM

  • Where:

    London Bridge Station

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Note: This event is run by a partner of Ditch or Date. All enquiries should be directed to the partner website

About This Event

Join us for an interesting and fun pub walk following in the footsteps of Samuel Pepys, the famous London diarist who lived and worked in the city of London. During the walk we visit various locations that relate to his life, including the Monument and Pudding Lane, where the Great Fire of London started. We also walk past St. Brideâ??s church where he was baptised, St. Olaveâ??s Church where he prayed, All Hallowes by the Tower where he watched the Great Fire from, Salisbury Court, where he was born, and the Cloth workers Hall where he served as Master of Livery, and St. Paulâ??s Cathedral, which was re-built after the fire. Many of the old cobbled streets and alleyways are still there for us to walk along. We visit 3 interesting pubs which have atmosphere and charm, which gives you the opportunity to carry on chatting to the new single people you have met. Our pubs walks are a great way to get to meet new single people in a friendly and relaxing environment. Do not worry if you are coming alone as you will have a great time and be made to feel welcome. If there is anyone you would like to meet again after the walk, then let us know and we will do the work for you, it is a simple as that!