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Chislehurst - The Bickley PH

  • Date:

    Sun 25th Mar '18

  • Time:

    12:45 PM

  • Where:

    The Bickley PH

  • Price per ticket:


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Note: This event is run by a partner of Ditch or Date. All enquiries should be directed to the partner website

About This Event

Join us for an interesting and fun candle-lit tour of Chislehurst Caves. We have our own private tour which will be great fun, and due to popular request we have again booked a guide who includes a â??ghostâ?? theme to the tour which certainly adds to the atmosphere of the caves! The guide will give us lots of information on the history and mystery of the caves which are a 22 mile labyrinth of man-made tunnels forming a maze 30 metres below the woodlands above. The caves were first open to the public in the start of the 20th century as a tourist attraction. During the 2nd World War, when the bombing of London began in September 1940, the caves were used as an air raid shelter. Within a short time, it became an underground city of some 15,000 inhabitants with electric lighting, a chapel and a hospital. During the 1960s the caves were used as a music venue for concerts by famous rock icons David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. The caves have also appeared in several television programmes, such as Doctor Who in 1972. This is a really great event to book into. The price includes a guided tour of the caves which lasts 1 hour, and a mix & mingle in the pub before and afterwards. We meet at a nice pub nearby at 12.45 pm for a drink before going to the caves for the tour. After the tour finishes we can visit the gift shop and café nearby or have another drink at the pub. Our activity events are a great way to make new friends and meet new people in a relaxed and friendly environment. If there is anyone you would like to meet again after the walk, all you need to do is contact us and we will do the work for you, it is as simple at that!