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Ditch Or Date

London - Beach Blanket Babylon

  • Date:

    Sat 28th Apr '18

  • Where:

    Beach Blanket Babylon

  • Price per ticket:


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Note: This event is run by a partner of Ditch or Date. All enquiries should be directed to the partner website

About This Event

Original Dating is proud to bring you another dating first - Dating Bingo™. The dating event with balls. Bingo isn't just fun for your Granny. We’ve made it into a unique singles night out where meeting people is the aim of the game. Everyone gets a unique bingo card and their own bingo number and the goal is to complete your bingo card in the allotted time. You’ll work the room, meeting loads of potential dates and ticking off those numbers as you go. Fill out your card and it’s time to shout BINGO! We’ve got tons of prizes to give away on the night, so several people can win. Our bingo caller will also draw bonus numbers. If your number come up, a free drink will be coming your way. As with all our events you'll have access to our unique matching system, post event so you have the chance to match with everyone that attended. Online matches get revealed the next day. Get in touch with your mutual matches with via our messenger and you’ll on a proper date in no time. We’ve booked the Gallery at the boho chic Beach Blanket Babylon – the perfect venue for this super fun dating extravaganza. Book now for Dating Bingo™ and ditch your Tinder date, it's April 28.