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Speed Dating In Aberdeen: What Is The Average Age Of A Speed Dater?

Speed dating in Aberdeen means new and exciting ways to meet new and exciting people. It’s all about going out and enjoying yourself whilst speaking to as many eligible singles as possible in a safe and fun environment. But is your age range catered for, or will everyone be either much older or younger?

The simple answer is yes, your age is catered for regardless of whether you are 18 or 65. Speed dating events across the country are open to everyone over the age of 18, and there is no upper limit. This means that you are likely to meet someone within the age bracket that you have set for yourself, or you may be surprised to find that you enjoy the company of someone outside of your usual age choice. Many of the best speed dating Scotland based companies offer a variety of events aimed at different age brackets. This is great as it means you can pick the events that best suit your age and requirements. There are no set brackets at these events either, so while one may be for adults aged from 45 to 59, another will be from age 40 to 65. When booking your chosen event, it is important to remember that the organisers do not carry out checks on those attending the events, so if age is a big part of your decision process then it is up to you to check. Most people are honest however, and it is harder for people to pretend to be a different age in person.

No matter what your age there will be a speed dating in Aberdeen event that is right for you. Find out more by taking a look at our Ditch or Date Ltd website at https://www.ditchordate.com. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call on 0191 486 2328 or email helen@ditchordate.com.