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Speed Dating In Brighton: How To Give A Compliment

Speed dating in Brighton offers the chance for everyone to find love. It’s a fun and fast way to discover new people, and to increase the chances of going out on dates with those whom you match with. It’s best to be prepared before going on a speed date – what sort of things should you think about?

Apart from working out which questions you are going to ask when you are speed dating, another great way to prepare is to think of some compliments you can give the person to whom you are speaking. You only have four minutes, so you need to make the most of them, and being polite and giving sincere compliments is a good way to do that. If you aren’t prepared then sometimes your compliments may not sound quite as good out loud as they did in your head, and this can be a reason that you are not ticked during your speed dating in England event. Compliments can easily come across as rude or inappropriate, even if that is definitely not the way you want them to sound. When offering a compliment think beyond the obvious and the physical. An effective way of complimenting someone is not to say something like, “You have beautiful eyes,” but to say instead, “That scarf suits you, it really complements your eyes.” It sounds more real, and shows that you have looked beyond just the individual’s physical appearance. You can also follow up with a question, such as those are lovely earrings, or a lovely earring, is that an amethyst (for example)?

Speed dating in Brighton needs the right amount of preparation. At Ditch or Date Ltd you can find out all we know about speed dating – we’ll be happy to let you in on the secrets. See https://www.ditchordate.com, or contact us on either 0191 486 2328 or helen@ditchordate.com for more details.