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Speed Dating In Dublin: What Happens In Speed Dating?

Speed dating in Dublin is all about having fun and you should never feel worried or overly anxious about being involved. There is no need to be when you attend a properly organised event run by a professional company. You will have a wonderful time and you might even meet someone special.

What happens when you go to a speed dating event? It’s all very simple. When you first arrive, you need to register and are given a badge with your name on it. You are also given a score card to use to record your potential matches. There is usually a short time for people to mingle freely, or with the friends they have come with, before the event starts properly. After a short welcome or introduction to the speed dating UK based event ladies are sat at pre-designated numbered tables. The men then move between these tables at a given signal and in a set order. At most events couples have four minutes to chat and get to know each other. Use this time to find out as much as possible about the person sitting opposite you, and to give a good impression of yourself. When the bell rings, you change partners and make a note on your card if you would like to see the person again. If they mark their card in the same way, then the event organisers arrange further contact by passing on your pre-agreed contact details to them, and visa-verse.

Speed dating in Dublin is ideal for busy people who just don’t have the time to meet potential partners in ‘traditional’ settings. At Ditch or Date Ltd (https://www.ditchordate.com) we specialise in creating memorable, fun events for speed daters. Our team is happy to answer any question – please contact us on 0191 486 2328 or helen@ditchordate.com.