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Speed Dating In Glasgow: Good Speed Dating Questions

Speed dating in Glasgow shouldn’t be scary or daunting. You will probably be nervous, but that’s completely natural. These nerves mixed with excitement are the same nerves and excitement that everyone else in the room is feeling. The key to a good round of speed dating is to prepare ahead of time.

As well as knowing what you are going to wear and how to get to the venue, preparing questions for your speed dating Scotland based event is crucial. You don’t want to end up sitting across from someone with no idea what to say. Either an awkward silence will ensue, or your date could take the opportunity to talk about themselves non-stop, which is unlikely to be your idea of fun. By preparing your speed dating questions in advance and you can have confidence in your conversation skills. There are some questions that are great to ask because they allow both of you to open up and chat (perhaps long after the question has been answered). It is important to ask questions that are open end, rather than those that invite just yes or no answers. So how do you spend your weekends, is much better than do you have any hobbies? Fun questions are also an effective way to get to know the person’s sense of humour, for example what three items could you not live without? Or what three items would you save from a sinking oat? Just be prepared for some corny answers to be included in there.

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