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Speed Dating In York: Should You Go Alone Or With Friends?

Speed dating in York can be a solo pursuit or you can go with friends. Remember, however, that whichever you choose, once the event starts it is just about you and the person you are speaking to during each date. So, is it best to go alone, or to take a friend.

When you decide to go to speed dating in England you can sign up on your own, or you can sign up with a friend. One of the benefits of signing up with a friend is that it means you have someone to walk into the event with, and to chat to before the event itself starts. The downside of this, is that it might stop you from mingling with other people at the event at the beginning, and during the breaks. However, it may instead give you the confidence you need to talk to others during the speed dating breaks. Once the event starts it won’t make any difference whether you are alone or with a friend, as you will spend your 4 minutes with each date the same as everyone else. However, at the end of the event it will give you someone to go home with and to ensure that you are both safe at the end of the night. Again, this could increase your confidence. Another benefit of taking a friend is that if you both make matches you could double date, the potential downside of this is it could be awkward if you both match with the same person.

Speed dating in York is exciting and can lead to serious, long term relationships. So, contact Ditch or Date Ltd on 0191 486 2328 or at helen@ditchordate.com to find out more about when our next speed dating events are taking place. Alternatively, you can see all our dates at https://www.ditchordate.com.