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New addition to Manchester

28th Mar 13

We are really pleased to welcome our new Manchester host Jonny who ran his first event with us at the Pitcher and Piano on Tuesday night. He was brilliant and we feel that he will fit in with Ditch or Date perfectly. The feedback we received after the event was so positive - we even had 2 girls ring the office the following day to find out if Jonny was single - is he or isn't he? Jonny really enjoyed running the event and we are happy to say that he will be running our speed dating events for the forseable future which is great news for us. His cool, calm and friendly approach was a hit - especially with the girls!

The event on Tuesday was another great success - sold out with 19 girls and 18 guys attending. The atmosphere was very relaxed but at the same time had that exciting buzz when people start to hit it off and the chemistry flows! The match success the following day was all good too - 98% of people there getting at least 3 date matches - love was in the air in Manchester!

We really like running our events at the Pitcher and Piano in Manchester - it's a great location right next to the docks and a very stylish venue at that. Even if you don't plan to go there speed dating in the next up and coming months its definately worth a visit for food or just drinks with friends.

New addition to Manchester


I'm a big, big fan! He made my first speed dating night an enjoyable experience.

Savanna Maura

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