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28th May 13

Four minutes doesn’t seem long to talk to a person of the opposite sex at a speed dating event. However organisers feel it is sufficient time for two people to either bond immediately or for a chemistry to appear. Make your conversation interesting to stand out from others, talk about different topics but don’t be boring. If you’re feeling slightly nervous have a small drink for Dutch courage although not too much.

Once you’ve spoken to a couple of people you will soon get the hang of how four minutes is quite enough time to learn a little about the person you’re sitting opposite. Be interested in what they have to say and respond politely, again try not to talk too much about yourself. Take time in getting dressed too so you look and feel:-

  • Attractive
  • Confident
  • Sure of yourself but not in a conceited way
  • Relaxed

While it’s interesting for your speed dating partner to hear what you do for a living, places you’ve been to on holiday and where you live, it’s not a good idea to spend the four minutes allocated talking about yourself. Give and take. This is a good expression to bear in mind if you go on a date after the speed dating event is over. Above all, smile and don’t give too much away on first or second dates, keep the guy or girl guessing, it’s part of the fun.

Make it Happen


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