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Can You Get Over Cheating?

16th Jul 13

Relationships are built on trust, but should that trust be broken, can it ever be mended?  Some people say yes while others say no. There are obviously two ways to approach cheating, forgive and forget or not forgive at all. Take the positive option first of all. If your partner has cheated on you it could be said if you truly love him or her you will find it in your heart to forgive and forget. This is a particularly hard thing to do especially if the innocent party has had no idea that something underhand was going on. Forgiving can sometimes ensure cheating will never happen again and can often make a relationship stronger. The partner who has cheated with someone else should realise what a huge mistake he or she has made and will do everything in their power to put any doubts out of the mind of their girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband.


On the other side of the coin if one or the other has been cheating, then the phrase “once it’s broken, it can never be fixed” can certainly ring true. Trusting a partner again is something that some people just simply can’t get around. If they go out alone the person left at home usually has suspicious thoughts and remonstrates with them on their return, this often leads to huge arguments and fall outs.


It really all depends on which type of person you are, forgiving or unforgiving. 

Can You Get Over Cheating?


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