Ditch Or Date

How To Keep Things Fresh and Exciting.

30th Jul 13

For couples who have been in a relationship for a number of years the fresh and exciting things that attracted them to each other in the first place are often taken for granted. It is however a lovely feeling when you feel so comfortable with someone that you don’t have to make any effort to keep the relationship spiced up. While for some couples this is acceptable, for others it isn’t. To keep your relationship as it was when you first met it’s important to work at it, have fun, be active but still have a slight mystery about yourself.


Dressing smartly is one way to ensure you are still attractive to your partner. It’s so easy to go around the house in a dowdy jumper and jeans, hair all messed up, no make up for ladies, dirty clothes for men. Stay fresh and appealing by taking care of how you look no matter whether at home, at work or during a night out. Being passionate is also another way to keep things exciting in a relationship. When people first meet they want to find out more about each other, this includes being thoughtful, passionate, romantic and kind. Don’t just sit back and let problems happen, keep talking to your partner about what they want out of the relationship and above all if you’re bored, do something about it!


It’s so easy to change a dull relationship into one that’s exciting and interesting.

How To Keep Things Fresh and Exciting.


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