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10th Sep 13

There’s no doubt about it, after attending a speed dating event and receiving the news you’ve been waiting for, that you have a date, it’s now time to get dressed up and enjoy an evening out. A taxi has been booked so you’re definitely on your way to having a fabulous time. Sometimes nerves can get the better of you or your date and often things don’t go quite according to plan, so be prepared for any eventuality.


Would you be put off if some of the following happened to you on your first date:-


·         A friend keeps ringing throughout the evening, is this acceptable? The answer is no. When two people meet for the first time they probably have so much to say to each other, to learn about one another while having a good time. Having to stop and start conversations because of someone calling is somewhat distracting. Why is the friend calling when they know you are on a date? Why is your date taking the call when you should be the priority? As most people carry their mobiles with them it’s only good manners to either turn it off or put it on silent when out on a first date. Remember to do this yourself, the caller is probably wondering how the evening is going which could be extremely embarrassing if you are a little nervous or shy.


·         Going out for a meal is always a good idea however the evening can be ruined by saying the wrong things. Don’t spoil the date by suggesting splitting the food bill, it can create a tense atmosphere. In the past it was usually the man who paid for a meal but since times have changed in the dating world “going Dutch” seems to be very acceptable. If you agree to sharing the bill all well and good. However if he pays the first time, you could offer to pay the next time, a sure fire way of ensuring a second date is forthcoming. If the date isn’t going too well insist on paying for yourself then there’s no pressure on you, plus you are showing you are quite independent.


·         For men there’s nothing more off putting than your new lady friend taking a telephone call from her mother and then passing the phone to you to speak to her. Even worse is if her mum interferes and tells you how to treat her daughter, this is definitely not good news. Similarly if the guy’s parents insist on ringing their son when out on a date, what does it say about him? The impression the girl will get is that the guy is under the thumb which to some women isn’t very appealing at all.


·         During the course of the evening if your date starts talking about you both having a weekend away. This is a first date and not the time to plan a weekend together. You could realistically put your partner off by appearing to be too quick and keen to make future arrangements, it’s probably better to wait and see how things pan out naturally.


No No No!


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