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Stop Winging and Go Winging!

3rd Sep 13

Have you heard of the latest craze called “GoWinging”? If not learn more about it by using the iTunes Apple Store new app to find a friend who will go with you on a date, not only to give you a bit of confidence but to make sure all goes smoothly. It’s like a double date really and can be great fun. It can be very nerve racking when you go on a first date, you’re unsure of what to say, what to wear and where to go. Having a friend either with you or close by isn’t always a good idea however with the new app of GoWinging being available for double dates, it makes a great alternative.


The app can also be used to find WingMen and WingGirls to go on a date with you if you have any worries about meeting someone new for the first time. There’s a kind of social element to it too although it is focused primarily around the date itself. It’s a free double dating app that everyone can use and an exciting way to go out with people without feeling awkward or pressurised. If you feel better knowing there are more than two of you going out on a date try GoWinging sooner rather than later.


GoWinging is an innovative way to meet like-minded singles or users can ask their own friends via Facebook to become their WingMen or WingGirls. This app appeals to people of all ages and is great fun to use for those in steady relationships who can use GoWinging to find other couples who would like to go on double dates.


Stop Winging and Go Winging!


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