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Success in Oxford!

1st Nov 13

Thanks to the stylish and sophisticated Study tucked away in the stunning Living Rooom Ditch or Date launched their first event last week and was amazed at the take up and the success of our first night!

Not only was the match succes rate really high but also the number of amazing people who came to find love!

Our host from the Living Room really took time out to make the Study look chic and romantic with subtle lighting and candles which I think helped peole feel relaxed on arrival and so enjoying the night even more.

I'm sure that's why our match success rate was even higher than usual - almost 100% !

The key things that I always put down to increased succes at our events is the ambience and how you feel yourself when arriving - if you're made to feel relaxed on arrival then you're gaurunteed to have a great night as you can be yourself and enjoy relaxed chatting and even flirting !!!

if you live in Oxford and are single then definately give on of our events a try - the Study is an amazing space that we are lucky enough to use.

Success in Oxford!


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