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The Big Impression Appeal

Every day, we make statements about ourselves through the clothes we choose to wear.  We are telling the world a little about our personality, our likes and dislikes, our social status and our spending habits.  Most of us make these choices without giving them a second thought.  But what about the times when we make a conscious decision about our attire, because we need to make an impression?

In a make or break situation, our clothing selection plays the biggest part in that all important first impression.  So we like to get it right.

Here at ITV Tyne Tees, we’re looking for people to take part in a new series" THE BIG IMPRESSION" which will look closely at how and why we choose an outfit for an occasion, look at how it makes us feel and whether it has the desired effect.

If you have an event or a milestone coming up, we’d like to hear from you.   Youve signed up for a speed dating session  for the first time ,to meet your perfect partner. ? .  So, get in touch and tell us why choosing the right clothes will make all the difference on the day.

It’s not a makeover, so we won’t tell you what to wear or how to wear it - and there are no freebies– but we are interested in seeing how clothes youve chosen can affect your life on the day when it can really matter.

WE would need to film you choosing /shopping and TALK TO YOU  before and after the dating event--we are NOT  interested in filming the specific session -only from a discreet distance!! 

Whatever your age and whatever the occasion, drop us a line with a recent photograph of you in a favourite outfit and tell us why you love it so much.All initial meetings are without commitment and confidential

Write to:

ITV Tyne Tees
NE11 9SZ

Or you can e-mail us at fashion@itv.com


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