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The origin of speed dating

30th Apr 13

There’s a lot of information regarding the origin of speed dating and where it comes from. The most popular beliefs is that it started out in America although others say it is based on chaperoned meetings of young people dating right back to the Victorian times. Even then, many single men and women had difficulty finding the person of their dreams and latterly with lots of people working in busy jobs not having much leisure time, individuals often find it impossible to meet that special person in bars or clubs.

Speed dating is a revolutionary concept made all the more easier by hosts who organise special evenings in cities and towns in the UK where singles can chat to like-minded people searching for love. Times have changed considerably where speed dating is concerned and for the better too. Nowadays there’s a much more relaxed atmosphere between first meetings of men and women.

Subjects that were once taboo can now be discussed more openly, this includes making a first date. Many years ago young couples had to have an adult with them and weren’t allowed to be too forward in what they talked about. Thankfully now there’s a certain freedom of speech that the young Victorians wouldn’t have dreamt possible. Take advantage of meeting new, exciting people at a speed dating event near you to see what it can lead to. Enjoy the sessions and most important of all, be relaxed.

The origin of speed dating


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