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Oxford Speed Dating: The Best Dates For Introverts

Oxford speed dating is not something to get worried about. In fact, it’s something to look forward to and, when it happens, to enjoy. There are plenty of people who want to meet individuals just like you, and you may match with your ideal partner on a speed date.

After you have matched with someone at a speed dating England wide event, the question will arise of where to go on your first date. The answer depends at least in part on both of personality types. Different people enjoy different kinds of dates in relation to the number of people that are around, the size of the space you are in and the background noise levels. For introverts, or people who find busy, noisy environments difficult, perfect dating ideas including the cinema. Although this means you won’t get to speak to them as much as you would in a different venue, this takes the pressure off a little if either you or your date are shy. There is time to talk after the film, plus you have something to talk about that isn’t too invasive or personal. Whatever you both choose to do for your first date after speed dating, if your match is shy or introverted it is important to respect their space and privacy, while at the same time balancing this with your need to continue to get to know them. If you want to ask questions, keep them in the same vein as you did at the speed dating event. Your approach then obviously work, so why change it now.

Introverts and extroverts alike can benefit from Oxford speed dating. Our dedicated team at Ditch or Date Ltd organise exceptional speed dating venues and events just for you. Just take a look at https://www.ditchordate.com, or contact us on either 0191 486 2328, or helen@ditchordate.com for details and information.