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Speed Dating Events Brighton: How To Make Sure You Get A Second Date

Speed dating events Brighton wide are perfect for people who have trouble meeting new potential mates because of their long working hours. They are also great for people who are shy, as the difficult part of initiating contact has already been done. But, what comes next?

If you are enjoying your first date after the speed dating event that led you there, let your date know that. Laugh, smile, literally say you are enjoying yourself. If they are feeling the same then they won’t be hesitant in asking you out again. Or, if you’re doing the asking, they won’t be surprised to hear it. If you want to be as successful when dating as you were during speed dating events UK based then you need to be warm, but not overly imposing on personal space. Whether it is your first date, or several dates on it is important to respect the other person’s personal boundaries, while at the same time not seeming cold or aloof. Getting, rather than assuming consent before holding their hand, or even touching their arm is crucial, and will set you out on a path to good communication in the future. It is also important to keep an eye on the topics of conversation during these early dates. Don’t get into any kind of heavy or difficult conversation at this stage, these can wait until you know each other better. Keep things light and fun and a second date is much more likely.

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