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Speed Dating In Cork: What Does ‘Speed’ Really Mean?

Speed dating in Cork can bring about surprises. Not only could you meet the love of your life, but you might find yourself with a brand new friend or gym buddy. You might even find a new job – networking can be done at any time! The aim of the game is definitely speed.

However, that does not mean that when you are attending a speed dating UK event you have to rush around everywhere and talk nineteen to the dozen. You around four minutes to speak to each date, and you need to make that time count. The key is getting a balance between imparting enough information, and doing so in a way that each date has the time needed to process the information and add their own. If this doesn’t happen then your date might not get any idea of who you are at all. They could come away with the impression that you are a rather fast talking and confused individual, which is not what you want. In the time between each date, and in the breaks, which occur throughout the night during speed dating events, you have a short time to gather your thoughts. Use the scorecard you were given at the start of the evening to note who you would like to see again. You may even want to add a few personal notes for your own benefit to aid your memory, if you are not ready to tick the ditch, date or friend box just yet.

When speed dating in Cork time is of the essence. Attending a professionally organised event such as the ones arranged by us at Ditch or Date Ltd offers you the chance to have fun – and possibly meet your perfect match. Find out more at https://www.ditchordate.com, or contact us on either 0191 486 2328 or helen@ditchordate.com.