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Leeds Speed Dating: Three Reasons Why You Should Give It A Go

Leeds speed dating suits most people. If you were to try it, you would see that people from a variety of different backgrounds and of all different ages have a great time. If you are still not sure, here are three reasons why you should give speed dating a go, and soon.

The first reason why you should give UK speed dating is that it is safer than online dating. When you meet people during speed dating it is a pre-registered event. While no checks are carried out on the attendees there is always a host on hand ensuring that everyone is safe and happy. Second reason is that it is possibly the only opportunity in your life to have a captive audience of up to 20 people to have fully uninterrupted conversations with. While they may only be for four minutes that’s longer than you are likely to speak to anyone in a bar, or at a gig. The third reason why you should give speed dating a chance is that the outcomes are only known to you. You choose whether you want to get to know any of your dates better, and if they have ticked the same about you, then your details are passed on to each other. No one else knows the results of the evening. Once you have the contact details of your match the rest is up to you. And if you didn’t get any matches, don’t worry, sign up to another event and give it another go.

Ditch or Date Ltd should be your first and only call when you want to attend a Leeds speed dating event. We have a wide variety of events and nights out for you to sign up to on https://www.ditchordate.com, and we welcome your questions at 0191 486 2328 or helen@ditchordate.com.