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How to secure a second date

7th May 13

After enjoying your evening at a speed dating event and meeting someone who you feel is just right for you, it’s time to think of how to secure a second date. You’ve obviously created a good impression first time round, however a second date is just as important so remember to keep on your toes, make interesting conversation and not to be too serious. Once a second date is on the cards you’ll probably wonder what to wear. Again be smart and try to dress appropriately for the place you and your date are going to.

Spend some time making sure you look and feel good. Ladies take your time applying make-up and choosing what to wear while for guys, spruce up so you look stylish whether smart or casual. Make sure you’ve taken time with your appearance for your date so they can relax knowing you feel comfortable wherever you go, for instance:-

  • The theatre
  • The cinema
  • A restaurant

One of the best things to do is try to relax, be cheerful and above all smile. There’s nothing quite like a smile to break any barriers of embarrassment or nervousness. Don’t give too much personal information away on your first date so you have more to talk about on the second date. If there’s a mutual chemistry between you and your partner there won’t be much to worry about, just remember to stay cool, calm and collected.

How to secure a second date


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